Bug: moving trimmed picture messes mapping


(Gustavo Fontana) #1


this is a very bad bug:

https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/e/3/e35c87789ca576bbe377917475239475f6a7ea7a.mp4 trimmed_picture.3dm (7.1 MB)
trimmed_picture.3dm (7.1 MB)

apparently been there for over a year now:

Smeared Images
(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

This works fine in my 6SR9 install:


Works fine in the 6.11 I have locally installed, as well as v7 WIP (it even doesn’t distort in the v6MacWIP on the crappy intel GPU).

What version are you currently at (_SystemInfo)? GPU driver up-to-date? GPU-tessellation on/off (I tested with both, looks good here).

(Gustavo Fontana) #3

Ooooh! I never even thought it could be a video card issue. I was thinking it would be mapping. I did this on the Surface Studio yesterday, I don’t use it much for Rhino so yeah, drivers have been neglected. I’ll upgrade vodka drivers and will report back.

(jesterKing) #4

Hmm, I probably should’ve tested also on the Intel and AMD GPUs. That will have to wait until Monday - my arms don’t reach all the way from home to office to change the cables :confused:

(Gustavo Fontana) #5

And by vodka drivers I meant Nvidia drivers. I think autocorrect is already too excited for Friday.

(jesterKing) #6

Sure you meant…


Happy Weekend!


Please don’t be driving on Vodka, especially if you have new or upgraded drivers.

(Gustavo Fontana) #8

BTW this bug is back on a different machine running a Nvidia 1080ti with latest drivers.