New to Rhino. Want to make Topographic/Contour model

I want to slice this model or a different model with a different athletic pose. It’s for my visual presentation class. In my rough drawing, each line on the body is a contour that will be cut out of 3/16 inch foam core. Here’s an example of something similar but done to create a Pikachu. If I could generate each vertical plane in rhino, i can print each of them out and cut them out of foam core. If I could just model this in rhino the rest of the project will be simple. Thank you!

image image image image image

What is the issue?

btw, take the title of your thread “Want to make …/Contour…”

Have you tried the Contour command in Rhino?

Hello - probably the easiest is to get a Poser model into Rhino, and run Contour on it; modeling a figure in Rhino is certainly possible but a tall order, to do it at all well.


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I’m not sure how to divide the obj model into vertical slabs that are 3/16th of an inch thick. Like it was done on my example photos. I really don’t know where to start. I just opened the program for the first time and I need this for a project due in 2 weeks.

Hello - see the Contour command.


Thanks! I will research the contour command a it and try it on the model now.

Ok, I was able to contour the model. But how can I control the width of each line segment? Each contour has to be 3/16" and I need perhaps a half-inch between each. I haven’t yet found a tutorial that tells me how to do that.

Hello - set your spacing to 3/16 + 1/2 , make the contours and then copy them or extrude them 3/16…


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Wow! Thanks so much. Almost forgot that the contours are supposed to be vertical.
I made them vertical but how do I fill the extruded lines so that they are solid and not hollow?

Hello - use the Cap command, or when extruding, assuming the contours are closed (SelClosedCrv), you can extrude them all at once with the Solid=Yes command line option in ExtrudeCrv.


Problem solved!

Wait, how can I layout each extruded plane in order from left to right so I can export them to a program like photoshop? I need to print each plane and lay them on foam core so it can be cut out.


Hello - try this:
Get just the planes - that is the surface that you’d get from PlanarSrf on the contour curves, without the thickness.

Combine all of these with NonManifoldMerge ( a geeky command that allows various surface objects to be made into a single object - you’ll never need this command again)

Next, UnrollSrf, with Explode =Yes.

How did that do?



I try UnrollSrf after i enter the first 2 commands but nothing happens. Do I click the Explode=Yes?

So… make your planes, select them all (SelPlanarSrf) , NonManifoldMerge, UnrollSrf with Explode set to Yes. Though Explode may not matter for a disjoint object like this… nope, it matters- set Explode to Yes.



Very clever, inside knowledge, or both. I am impressed. That is a “trick” I will use in the future with cross-sectional molds for boats.

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It only lays out one plane. Each time it’s a different plane. Not all of them.

well for that you’ll need some scripting

Hello - can you please post a file with just the planes?


I couldn’t get only the planes in the file but here’s what I have.