PLEASE HELP! Newbie with a question re Clipping or Sectioning

HI Folks! I’m new to Rhino and to this forum and I’m hoping one of you will be able to answer my question. Since this is my first post, let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Mike, I’m currently studying to become a vocational teacher (photography), and none of that has anything to do with my interest in Rhino.

I’m currently building a custom motorcycle and I’ve designed a part for it that I’d like to cut up into 1" slices (I work in metric, but the materials I use still come in imperial measurements). The idea is to print out a 2D profile of the part every inch, transfer those profiles to my foam sculpting media, cut out the profiles and then assemble all the cut foam together again like a loaf of bread. I’ve tried the clippingPane command and I can get the profiles, but when I use the make2D command it gives me a 2D representation of the part in perspective. The problem is, that I don’t even know if I’m on the right track, or if there’s an easier way to accomplish this. PLEASE HELP!

When you say print I assune you mean print to paper.

Try the Contour command. (see Help for details)

After you create the 2d profiles spaced 1" apart, you can use shear and then “Project to Cplane” to get the profiles all in the same plane laid out in sequence.

Make sure the correct viewport is highlighted before you run the command, or choose 4 views and delete the ones you don’t want.

You could also make the whole model then run Contour on it to get contour lines. I haven’t used it much, but it may do what you are looking for. I see Jim mentioned it already :slight_smile:

I ran it on a box, you can tell how many and distance I believe. running out so I hope this helps for now .

Michael, if it just prints that you are after there is no need to use Make2D or Project to CPlane. Use the Contour command as the others have suggested by drawing the contour line in a direction perpendicular to one of the parallel views. As an example, draw a contour line in the Y-direction and use the Front View to look at the contours you created. Staying in Front view, you can then select the contour curves one by one and print each one at the scale you want (presumably 1:1) by setting your print to “visibility > only selected objects” .
Likewise, you could draw the line in the X-direction and use Right View, or Z and Top View.