How can i model something like this in rhino?

I have a design similar to the image which i need to model. They are essentially strips and i can do it manually by basically drawing one strip at a time and rotating it to the specific angle i need, however, i’m hoping that there is an easier way.
I have my massing model and the strips basically wrap the mass.

I’m definitely going to need to rotate them individually, however, i don’t want to have to draw each strip individually because due to the size of the building, that’s going to be hundreds of strips.

Am i able to split the mass into equal strips and then rotate them wherever i need to?
Basically what i’m asking is how can i split my mass into equal strips just like the image?

Hi Baz,

How about modeling the 3D surfaces and then use the contour command to generate cross sections. Next you can extrude those to generate the “strips”
like so:


Willem, coming to my rescue again.

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When you say extrude both sides, do you mean horizontally or vertically?
This is my mass and my contours

I mean from the contour to both sides. This way you get the best average approximation of the surfaces. So horizontally extruding in both sides (perpendicular to the contour direction.
Next you could even offset the extrusions to give thickness?


Oh ok now i understand.
One other question. When i render, am i able to have the black contour lines show as well and not just the material? At the moment, if i have 2 strips next to each other, they just look like 1 big strip when they render as opposed to 2 separate ones.

If you render with V-Ray you can add a toon material to the base material.
If not, you could try the command “ApplyEdgeSoftening” so there’s a small crease between the solids.