Contour transform

Hello, I am a mechanical engineering student and new to the RHINO software. I am trying to change the contour of the circled area in the picture but having difficulties finding the right commands to do just that. I need to make it smaller, then larger. This model is a Tibia bone and the section I need to change is the Tibial Eminence. I got the model from my mentor in SOLIDWORKS and converted it to RHINO using step file. Could anyone give me some helpful advice? Please and thank you.

Hi Miguel - it looks like it may have been a SubD object in SW - if you can get that, rather than a solid Brep, you can use the SubD tools in Rhino. As is, if that is a polysurface, there is not much you can do - it has been converted from a mesh or SubD as a whole bunch of complex faces - tough to edit.


So, what would be the best solution when saving the SW model?

Hi Miguel - you’ve got me there, I do njot have access to SW, but I think they do have some kind of SubD add on or something which might be what we’re seeing here. If indeed it is SubD (it could also be the result of an automatic surfacing tool like Geomagic) SW can export the control object as an obj file or something, we might get somewhere - but I am speculating - if that is a polysurface in Rhino, I can only suggest remodeling the bit you want to change and trim it into the rest. That might or might not be pretty strightforward.


I have been trying to save the SW file under different file types but still have no luck in trying to change what I want to. These are the file types that SW lets me save it under. Do you see any file type that might be able to help me alter the model in RHINO?

Well to know if anything else would make a difference we need to know where that came from, if it is a SubD model that we could possibly get a simpler control polygon. Of course it may be an auto-reverse-engineered mesh, so there’s not much to do, and “changing the contour” of that area will involve just hacking out the region and building new surfaces.