New to bongo..."view keyframe" question

This seems like it should be very easy to do but I have read everything and cannot for the life of me figure it out. During the course of my animation I want to animate objects in between “view” keyframes. EX: zoom in on object (creates 2 yellow ticks)…animate the object at the new frame (creates my red ticks and I place them accordingly…zoom back out (creates one more yellow tick).

My problem is that as I preview the animation all of the zooming in and out happens simultaneously rather than it zooming in, pausing for the animated object and zooming back out.

Any solutions? Thanks!

If you want to movement to stay in place you have to have the same keyframe between those ticks. For example:
Between tick 20-30 you want the camera to stay at the same place, so you copy the view keyframe from tick 20 to tick 30 and the camera will stay at the same place.

For the zoom in and out and movement, please have a look at this tutorial:

It’s about rotate and then move an object, but you have to do the same with view rotation and zooming, if you don’t want them simultaneously.

Thank you! That solved my issue. A new issue I have is rhino keeps crashing…first it was around 100 frames and then around 9. I read the other discussions on this issue and have tried all of your suggestions with no fix. Your last suggestion to them was to send the model over to see if there is another issue. Any new advice for this situation?

I apologize for the delayed answer. I’ve been on holiday.
Do you get a crash report window up when Rhino crashes?
What renderer do you use to render the animation? Have you tried a different one? Does that work any better?