Bongo keyframes deleted but object animation still present

this has been so frustrating for such a simple animation. Ended up working 2 days trying to figure out why objects misbehave.

Anyway, biggest problem now:
had some objects and wanted to animated the material color, did it. I moved the keyframes over the timeline with the mouse, and even if the keyframes were well shown in the new position, the animation still happens in the old position. I thought, maybe restart Rhino (7 and 8 same thing). Restarting did not help. Eventually deleted keyframes and animation still happens, a “ghost” animation that has no control and no keyframes anymore. I thought, I will delete the materials that are now “ghostly” animated and they will go away. Object material still animated in viewport and rendered clip, while there are no keyframes for it, no material anymore that had the color animation. So impossible to fix it, after working quite a bit on other parts of the animation, this is now trash.
Is there any remote chance to discover where those keyframes went so I can control the “ghost” animation or all is lost ? This is Bongo 2 eval, on R8 or R7. Did I mention I had a deadline ? :smiley:
Only solution I find is to redo the entire animation of all the other objects in the scene, as this one is messed up with ghosts.

I apologize for the late response, I was on holiday. Any chance you could share the model with us? The one with the ghost objects in it? You can either send it directly to me or upload it through the following website: Rhino - Upload to Support

Sorry, I was under deadline, I deleted all objects with ghost animation and redid all the missing parts. Lots of wasted time. Did not back up bad file.