Invisible Non-sync between keyframes and GUI

Hi all,

I’m evaluating Bongo2 on Rhino5 (x64) and have problems when modifying keyframes. I have again and again encountered the problem that when moving keyframes, the actual object position or “movement action”, remains in the old position, although the keyframe has moved to a new tick position (also the keyframe editor is not in sync, that is, no matter how I modify the values/positions by dragging the graphical lines, the actual movement of the objects remain in the old position).

I even tried to remove the keyframes altogether (for individual objects), and then reinserting new keyframes (for the same object), but still the object’s old keyframe positions are haunting me.

One special thing that I do is that I adjust two (or more) keyframes for selected objects at the time, and often one of them failed, and then I lose control of them all.

Example screenshots demonstrating how an old smooth movement is depicted in the keyframe editor, with end positions spanning over several keyframes, but in reality the object jumps the entire distance from start to end in only one keyframe (Pic 2 shows the new object position after only one tick, from tick 99 to tick 100. Blue square shows the old and expected smoothness, but even when modifying the graph within the square the object won’t move accordingly) :

[Pic 1 - Tick 99: Start position]

Moving only one tick moves the selected objects all the way to its end position :
Pic 2 - Tick 100: End position:

Is there a known cause for why keyframe info is not updated when modifying them?

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// Rolf

I just noticed that the failing keyframes are located after an insertion of new ticks before the failing keyframes, and thus the long movement of the following keyframes were “compressed” into one tick. This happened to all the keyframes coming after the insertion.

Seems like a bug.

// Rolf

Hi Rolf,

I cannot quit follow. Could you send the model and a list of steps on how to reproduce the problem, please.


  • Lars