New Raster to Vector Conversion Plug-in for Rhino 7

Hey everyone, we’ve uploaded a new raster to vector conversion plug-in named Vectorize to Rhino 7’s Package Server.

To get it, just launch Rhino 7 and then run the new PackageManager command.

If you are already using the Trace plug-in, then you may already know that it does not work with Rhino 7. What you may not know is that Gérard Bouteau, the long time Rhino user, trainer, and the programmer who developed Trace, passed away unexpectedly last spring.

Fortunately, the Trace plug-in uses open source code. So we were able to, for the most part, reproduce its functionality.

Note: Vectorize only work with Rhino 7 for Windows. The raster to vector algorithm uses some bitmap handling code that does not on the Mac at this time.


– Dale


When I installed this plugin, a new toolbar was added with the title Toolbar

Could the button be integrated into the Curve Tools tab by default?

No, sorry. But you can copy the toolbar into the curve tools yourself.

– Dale

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Rest In Peace Gérard Bouteau. And thanks you McNeel team for making a bit of his work live on.


Works fine. Thanks for the toolbar too. I have already copied it to my standard toolbar. Many teachers will do exactly that.


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Thank you for the plugin. It makes it a lot easier to get a “placeholder” extrusion vs manually tracing a complicated outline by hand.

Hey Everyone,

I just pushed an update to the Vectorize plug-in to Rhino 7’s package package that should work with the Rhino 7 for Mac Beta.

Let me know if you find otherwise.


– Dale


Hey Dale,
that’s awesome, you just made my day…

Thanks again,


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Hi Dale thanks a lot

Just to report that I tried with a random .tiff file. and it currently crushes R4Mac.
this file on a new empty document (1.2 MB)

Vectorise works well here with .png. thanks a lot it’s wonderful to have this also on the Mac.

If it is not meant to work with .tiff, then perhaps these files should be greyed out [like other non supported file types]

thanks a lot

Hi @Akash,

I think the color depth of the tiff is too shallow. You need 24 or 32 bits per pixel, or 8 bit indexed. I’ll add some checks for that in the future.

– Dale

Is it possible also to use the plugin as a library for C# applications?

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Hi @Petras_Vestartas,

Vectorize, as well as Trace, is based off the famous Potrace by Peter Selinger, whose application transforms a bitmap into a soft, scalable image made up of vectors. Both plug-ins use a C# translation named CsPotrace written by Wolfgang Nagl. Both are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

– Dale

Thank you