Raster to Vector Conversion Plug In

Trace is a plugin that outputs a bitmap to vector within Rhino. https://www.food4rhino.com/app/trace
This plugin is currently only available for Rhino 6. This plugin does not work in the newest Beta for Rhino 7.

I had worked with the developer in the past on improvements, but sadly the developer has passed in the last year. I do not have the source code for the plugin and I am not a programmer.

I was wondering if someone in the rhino community would be willing to develop a plugin that does raster to vector conversions based on the open-source Potrace with CsProtrace code? I know there are some solutions out there like RhinoNest that has that vector conversion built into it, but that program is overkill for the simple needs of just conversion.

This has become such viable tool for us and many others, I would hate to see it disappear with the forthcoming Rhino 7. Would anyone be willing develop such a plugin that works with both PC and Mac Rhino?

Have you tried running the MigratePlugins command available in the latest Rhino 7 Beta to try and run this plug-in in V7?

I do not see that Command available to me.
MigratePlugins command comes up “unknown”

How shall I access that command?
I am using a Mac if that matters.

Version 7 BETA (7.0.20273.15004, 2020-09-29)
Expires November 13, 2020

Ah I didn’t realize you were on Mac. The command doesn’t exist on that platform because it doesn’t need to exist (or at least it shouldn’t need to exist).

When I run the “Trace” command to call on the plugin, this is what I am getting.

Is it just possible that the plugin is just coded to do a version check before loading?
If this is the case, that is unfortunate due to the circumstances.

Im sure the plugin would have ran just fine without that bit of code.

That message is coming from the plug-in itself so it is checking the version of Rhino and deciding not to run. Not much we can do if the project is closed source and the developer passed away.

I believe Aviary uses potrace, but that may be a Windows only project. @DavidMans would know if a Mac version exists.

Try Rooster in Grasshopper

Thanks for the suggestion, But I looking for something that is multi-platform.
Trace was platform agnostic.
While the Rooster plugin does work on my PC.
Rooster does not work on the the Macs I support.


I tried MigratePlugins this morning. No luck with Trace plugin.

bob koll

Right, it sounds like the Trace plug-in has code that decides to only run in V6 as I mentioned above.

Hi @jason, @bobkoll,

I have started putting together a new, open-source plug-in that will provide the same functionality as the Trace plug-in mentioned here.

The developer of Trace, Gérard Bouteau, has unfortunately passed away. Thus, there will be no updates to the existing product to work in Rhino 7 or in Mac Rhino.

When I have something to share, I’ll make an announcement here.


– Dale


@dale Thank you so much for your help.
It will great to see the progress of that plugin. :star_struck:
Im sure Gérard would have been happy with your efforts.

Will you be posting the progress in this thread?

Hi @jason - yes, of course.

– Dale

Hi @jason - I’ve posted a new Vectorize plug-in, to Rhino 7’s Package Server, which would work like the Trace plug-in mentioned here.

To get it, just launch Rhino 7 and then run the new PackageManager command.

Let me know what you think.

– Dale

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This will work for the teachers who are used to the ‘old’ Trace command in v5 and v6.


Hi @bobkoll,

The Trace plug-in will be around for those who need it. Going forward to Rhino 7 and beyond, they can use the new Vectorize plug-in.

– Dale

Thanks Dale, it works very well, it is fast.
A group option could be useful because it generates lots of curves, they could be hard to select on top of others curves.

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I am not seeing the plugin available in my package manager.
Does it matter that I am on a Mac?

Yes it does.