New Vectorize for Rhino WIP

Hey Everyone,

I’ve pushed an updated version of Vectorize to the PackageManager.

The update contains a refreshed UI, and it might be faster and produce better quality output. The update also includes a Grasshopper component.

If you need to “raster-to-vector”, you might give it a try.


– Dale


Hello Dale,
very nice, the curves are very well smoothed.
I think it could be better for the grasshopper component to scale the curves like Grasshopper is doing 1 pixel = 1 unit. So it will be more simple to put the image under the curves outputted by Vectorize. At the moment there is 72 pt/inch there so a coefficient 2.835.

I must also add Image Thinner to my plugin Nautilus, but it could be also good you have it in your plugin.

Have you some advice in order to smooth the curve. At the moment I have very jaggy curves outputted from image thinner (green lines). Vectorize output is in red.

Hi @laurent_delrieu,

Thanks for trying out the new stuff.

Both the command and the Grasshopper component determine the images horizontal and vertical pixel-per-inch and scale the output curves based on these values and the model’s unit system. This is basically what the _Picture _1to1 command option does. The hope is to create curves of a reasonable size.

As for smoothing, you might play with the Corners parameter, which controls the smoothness of the traced curve. If your image has many colors, you can also play with the Threshold parameter, which coerces colors to either black or white.


– Dale

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Vectorize is an open source project. Feel free to submit a PR if you have a new feature to add.


I have not had any success when trying to vectorize an image with Vectorize and Rhino 8. I have used colored TIF, PG and JPG images up to 32 bit depth.

Ideas ?

Post your pictures…

The result is a blank screen, with no resulting curves

@pmonahan , We can’t check anything if you don’t post a picture that behaves like that…

Can I please have a direct link to download the updated version?
The PackageManager command doesn’t work for me for some reason.
Thank you

Hi @alter42424,

Just drag and drop the attachment below on top of a running Rhino 8.

vectorize-8.0.8486-rh8_0-any.yak (153.4 KB)

– Dale

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Thank you very much! @dale
How do I remove the old plugin?