Vectorize Plugin

hi @dale, first of all thanks for this great amendment, i would plead for it to become a regular rhino command, it is really helpful and from what i see actually tosses illustrators vectorizer straight from the ledge. at least in regards of line drawing of course, the quality is really good and it is a very fast and simple process. maybe having a hatched output with different segments from the color shading could even top it.

anyway two requests beside that

corner rounding could get an angle limit option. sometimes i want to keep hard edges while smoothing others with a lower difference in angle.

being able to keep the input image as a texture below the existing curve and maybe even to create a solid extrusion with the image on top.

Hi @encephalon,

I doubt Vectorize will ever be included with Rhino. The terms of the GNU General Public License, used by both CsTrace and Potrace made this difficult.

– Dale

thanks @dale i see… so like cycles the licence would have be changed to something like Apache License version 2.0 for it to be shippable? also any chance that it still could evolve in regards of requests as like above for instance?

Hi @encephalon,

It’s doubtful the license will ever change.

As far as request, please add them here:

I don’t know the code very well. But might poke around in it someday.

– Dale