Have you tried the plugin Vectorize for auto-tracing images?

Has anyone tried the Vectorize Plugin for Rhino 7?

Here is a video on it:

Seems to be pretty quick.

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Yes, I used it on some projects and the result was good and fast.
A quick example from a “dirt” image:

I’ve used in on a couple of logos and such - works great and is super quick.

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Yes, I’ve used it a few times and it was excellent.

This plugin has been very useful. Quick and reliable. thank you @dale for making it available.


I found this to be completely useless. It doesn’t “vectorize” it only outlines and not to well I might add.
The other vectorize program I use is miles beyond this and with many more options.

OK. Do you feel like telling us what program that might be and what it costs?

Sorry I can’t discuss software on this Nda project.

Mine is even better


Obviously we wish for color handling ala Illustrator’s, but the plugins as proof of concept is pretty darn good!

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Then don’t mention the project and no nda is violated? :face_with_monocle: