New layers OFF in detail viewports

Is there a way to make any new layers be automatically turned off in all existing and new detail viewports, even if that layer is ON in the model view?

I’m setting up a multi-layout, multi-detail viewport file. The 3d model is not fully complete, so I am changing and adding layers as I go. However, the detail viewports are already on and in partial progress, each with its own ON/OFF layer states. Whenever I create a new layer in model space, that new layer shows up ON in all the detail viewports, even if I only plan to use it in only one specific detail viewport. This makes a ton of work going back to every detail viewport and turning that new layer OFF.


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Hi Matt - in this area, in V5, there is only pain… in V6, you will be able to select a layer and set 'Layer on in this detail only". However, it does not take into account new layouts that are added- the layer will be visible in new layout details, and you’ll need to set it again for the detail you want if that happens.


Thanks Pascal,

Your answer for V6 is partially helpful… In the meantime as a workaround, if I make a seldom-used detail-viewport layer, I can turn that layer OFF in the model once I’m done with it. Then it won’t show in any detail viewports at all. Using the ShowLayersInDetail command, I can turn that one layer ON for the one or two particular viewports I want. This works fine for unimportant layers. However, if a layer is important to see all the time in the model view, even if it is only used once or twice in detail viewports, then this isn’t the best solution. You will constantly be turning the layer back ON when you return to model space and OFF when you leave model to go to layouts.

Perhaps there’s a way you guys can improve on this workflow.


Update to my last post as an issue emerged:

1- Created a seldom-used layer under a general “Seldom-used Parent Layer” and put 2 objects on it in model space. Then turned the Parent layer off.

2- Went to Layout space, into a detail viewport, and used ShowLayerInDetail to turn that sub-layer on. All good so far.

3- Went back into model space because I needed to make a change to those 2 objects. Turned the Parent layer on (which turned on all my seldom-used layers). Made a change, then turned the Parent layer off again, which turned off all my sub-seldom-used layers. All fine.

4- Went back to Layout space. The detail viewport has lost it’s memory of the custom-setting for the ON sub-layer.

Double-checked this behavior and it happens all the time. How to resolve it?