One Layer Off command but for Layout views affecting only the activated detail view is there such?

Activate detail view, run OneLayerOff select a datum line and they all vanish (all viewports), dont want that ! Only wanted the activated viewport to be affected.
It is longwinded trying to find the layer and sub layers that curves and objects are on, in an activated detail view so as to turn off visibilty so dealing with all instances of them in one go, What tool replicates the OneLayerOff command as it works in normal modelling modes ?


If you envisage the Layouts as pages and the Details are windows in the pages which look into the Modelspace - from all the windows you see the same model geometry so if you turn off a layer it affects all Details unless you manipulate the Detail. You can do that with the layer panel …

It’s probably more manageable to hide layers rather than objects when dealing with lots of layouts. You can turn off all layers with detail active, and turn back on the ones you need to see. Place your detail boundaries on their own layer and keep them turned on during this operation. Save the Layerstate for each layout, use the layout name as the saved Layerstate.

Or you can use ‘HideLayersInDetail’ or ‘ShowLayersInDetail’ …


To identify a selected objects layer look at status line

Or change the status readout to always only show the selected object layer …

From another of your posts, to align details move the detail using tab to align with a known location

To adjust the detail size, use ‘PointsOn’ adjust, then PointsOff (points on automatically in V7)

Hi Brian,
I am making great inroads into Layout mode, and have discovered some of the things you mention. Adding new details etc, many detail panes on my layout. all in all GREAT.

One thing I have noticed I used the move or copy option, to retain all the annotations and logos etc, However it denies the ability to alter the view of an active detail. It was perspective and I wanted End, it would not change, had to delete the detail view pane and create new one. Repeatable as well. Sort of defeats the concept of copy does that.

However subject of post is still needed. I currently have to select object, use hammer icon atop layer palette, and find the layer its on, scroll to that layer, my palette is several clicks deep ! ( I wish Show Object layer would auto scroll to it. I can be at that layer and run that command clicking on the hammer (dont think it has a command line wording, else I could hit enter and repeat the command) and it takes me away from it. Then I can turn the layer off in Detail view.

if only OneLayerOff did just that for the active detail, instead ALL the detail views lose visibility of the object.

needs a command OneLayerOffActiveDetail


Steve -

As Brian wrote:


It does in V7, something you can look forward too :wink: