New Layer Shortcut

Solved this as I was writing up my question. Posting so others might find this when in a similar situation

Short answer: Make an alias (File>Properties>Aliases) or keyboard shortcut (File>Properties>Keyboard) with the command macro being “! _-Layer New”
When activated the command line will prompt you for the name of the new layer you’d like to create, after you’ve entered that hit Enter/Return and your new layer will be created. This only supports character entry so the Layer name can’t contain spaces. I would love to hear from someone who knows how to allow for spaces.

Original question below.

I feel like I’m missing something. I’m very new to Rhino, I was setting up a new project, trying to build out the layers I knew I’d need and I asked myself “whats the keyboard shortcut to add a new layer” I couldn’t find one. I look in the Command list no “New Layer” command. I search for macros, scripting, keyboard shortcuts, nothing. I found this in the forums and set up the alias/macro as instructed, but this only creates a new layer after and object is selected. Looking at the macro “! -_ChangeLayer _Pause _NewLayer” and taking a glance at the macro syntax documentation it looks like “_NewLayer” should be viable but its not. I finally figured it out while looking closer at the Command macros and scripting page. Adding layers is listed as an example usage of the double colon macro special character.

It might be obvious that I’m a total noob when it comes to rhino, It was right there in the Layer command documentation the whole time. I’m a little surprised the shortcut didn’t exist already and an answer wasn’t easier to find. Every layer based organizational system I’ve used has a default shortcut to create a new layer.

Spaces in command line entries are taken as Enters, so to get Rhino to accept names with spaces, enclose them in quotes so that it considers it as one string. I.e. start with a quote mark, type the name with spaces, then end with a quote mark.