Shortcut for new layer and assign selected objects to that layer?

in my current workflow I create some new geometry , then I select it. I then goto layers and create a new layer. then I select the new layer and right click to change object layer.

is there a quicker way?

I have this:

! -_ChangeLayer _Pause _NewLayer

If geometry is selected, it will prompt you for a new layer name and then change the selected geometry to that layer.

I also have this if you want to move a copy of selected geometry to a new layer:

! -_CopyToLayer _NewLayer

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yes! do you have that stored as a short cut or a new command somewhere?

I set it up as the right click on the ChangeLayer toolbar button.

thank you

hello Helvestosaur, i wonder if you can help me again.
I want to setup a new shortcut F key like before. But this time I need to do the following:

I want what I have selected to be asigned to a new material (not layer like before)

so use a new custome material (next one in list) - can you please help?

can anyone please help with this?

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