New in Rhino WIP 2017-Sep-19

Rhino WIP 2017-Sep-19 is now available. Download Now.

New in this release:


  • Detail: No ‘Two Point Perspective’ viewport option when changing view in Detail (RH-40395)


  • ZoomSelected: Does not work on curve segments and mesh faces (RH-40225)


  • Annotation:
    • Changing layout space scale needs to force dimension update (RH-41302)
    • Keep Aligned dimensions aligned through history update (RH-41353)
    • Length factor not properly used in formatting dimension text (RH-41431)
  • Annotation: Hatch: Scale hatches when changing model scales (RH-10472)
  • Annotation: Text:
    • Behavior of Bold formatting button not right when cursor is in edit box and no text is highlighted (RH-41051)
    • Changing font in Edit Text dialog does not work when text is selected by double-clicking (RH-41341)
  • ApplyDisplacement: Varies shown incorrectly in properties tab (RH-41420)
  • BoxEdit: Slow to respond to selections (RH-38766)
  • Core bugs:
    • Prevent TIMER messages from getting pumped when a worker thread is running (RH-39204)
    • See if we can prevent TIMER messages from getting pumped when a worker thread is running (RH-41432)
  • Cycles:
    • Add command to clean up RhinoCycles settings (RH-41317)
    • Cycles ground plane texture mapping does not look correct (RH-41391)
    • Ground plane texture rotation in Cycles is not consistent with Rendered mode and RhinoRender (RH-41395)
  • Display:
    • Ground plane material isn’t being shown in Rendered mode (RH-41183)
    • Show occluded control points (RH-41407)
    • Slow zoom and panning (RH-23229)
  • Eto: ImageView and ImageButton crash if bound to null datacontext (RH-41368)
  • Export: PDF Export - Dimension and Leader arrows missing (RH-41392)
  • ExtractConnectedmeshFaces: Workflow slower (RH-40905)
  • File IO:
    • Cancel generates error message (RH-41388)
    • PDF scripting import command raises error dialog (RH-41234)
    • Scripting Open and Import command display file dialog (RH-41330)
  • Help: A keyboard Number pad is required for use of the expanding selected layer shortcuts (RH-41381)
  • Insert: Remember the layer style (RH-41038)
  • Intersect: Secret Subobject Problem (RH-41332)
  • Licensing and Validation: Find a discoverable way to help V6 users switch from a stand-alone license to Rhino Accounts (RH-41057)
  • Panels: Ground plane panel tune up (RH-41408)
  • PointCloud:
    • PLY - Vertex color listing on point clouds (RH-41384)
    • PLY format should support point clouds (RH-40872)
  • PointCloudSection: Add to the Curve from Objects menu (RH-20316)
  • Print: Fraction bar missing (RH-41383)
  • RDK: Decals applied to polysurfaces that have more than 2048 surfaces do not render (RH-40659)
  • Rendering:
    • Icons for current and specific viewport (RH-41319)
    • Render snapshots / named views (RH-41158)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Custom Material Texture slot changes don’t stick (RH-41435)
    • Reflective ground material causes Rendered mode to display material incorrectly (RH-41016)
  • SDK: CRhinoUiLayerComboBox Unresolved external (RH-41352)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • :MakeValidForV2 (RH-29138)
    • :Transform (RH-29161)
    • Overriding GetParameter in a RenderContent doesn’t work properly (RH-41396)
    • SpaceMorph.Morph(GeometryBase) not threadsafe. (RH-41321)
    • SurfaceMorph is not thread safe (RH-29738)
    • Tangent from point to curve (RH-30254)
  • Select: Sub curve option (RH-38244)
  • SubD: SubDFromMesh in Rhino 6 Meta Issue (RH-41113)
  • Toolbar: Make right-click for Explode match in all toolbars (RH-41308)
  • ViewCaptureToFile: Progress dialog and re-render when in Raytraced mode isn’t needed (RH-34659)
  • Zoo: CloudZoo Client: Switching to Rhino Accounts messaging (RH-40902)
  • ZoomExtents: Repeated use of ZoomExtents keeps zooming out (RH-41393)


  • Grasshopper: Add a curve domain setter component. (RH-40950)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Add support for new bPersistentSelect flag with SelectSubObject (RH-28848)

Download Now and report any problems in this forum.

Can’t seem to start Cycles render.
Anyone else?

As I replied to to your thread a fix is in. It’ll be available in the next WIP.