New in Rhino WIP 2017-Oct-17

Rhino WIP 2017-Oct-10 is now available. Download Now.

New in this release:

Bug Fixes:

  • Annotation:
    • Text added from RhinoCommon import plugin does not serialize properly (RH-40299)
    • improve descriptions for Dimension fields (RH-41809)
    • spaces in composed strings cause problems in Japanese because there are no spaces between words in Japanese (RH-41808)
  • Annotation: Styles: Alternate units are not working right (RH-41812)
  • Annotation: Text: Display is slow when zooming in and out in VMWare Windows (RH-38559)
  • ApplyDisplacement: Resample texture doesn’t accept child if assigned via Properties (RH-41723)
  • CommandPrompt: Painting ‘splat’ after command prompt (RH-41746)
  • Compat: Compatibility Test Failure (RH-41841)
  • Cycles:
    • Color-only environment in 360 slot doesn’t raytrace correctly (RH-41920)
    • Environment skylighting seems wrong in Raytraced (RH-41761)
    • Environment textures nearly double the rendering time (RH-41789)
    • Focal blur is incorrect if restoring snapshots with Raytraced active (RH-41759)
    • Grainy / Pixelated results in Raytraced (RH-41667)
    • Ground plane isn’t using the assigned material in Raytraced mode (RH-41739)
    • Raytraced view capture speed is slow (RH-41922)
    • Reflective environment is not updated when adding an environment texture (RH-41788)
    • Shadows aren’t working in Raytraced (RH-41477)
    • Solid color basic environment as custom reflection environment shows missing texture purple color (RH-41719)
    • Viewports dark (RH-41769)
  • Display:
    • Black display using this display mode (RH-41222)
    • Mesh Wires invisible in wireframe on VMWare 10 (RH-41914)
    • Object material turns black after undo operation… (RH-41941)
    • Repeat doesn’t update automatically in sub-object assigned materials. (RH-41936)
    • RhinoWIP crashing on Geforce 330M in rendered mode (RH-41266)
    • Shaded mode is busted when sub-object materials are assigned (RH-41453)
    • Sub-object material assignment is shown in Shaded mode (RH-41466)
    • Sub-object materials aren’t updating in the view when changed (RH-41464)
  • Help: Add F1 help support to Eto panels (RH-41765)
  • Installer: Get libfbxsdk.dll into the Windows installer so it ends up in the plugins folder (RH-41991)
  • OpenNURBS:
  • PointDeviation: Second run of in same doc with make hairs permanent is wrong (RH-41660)
  • RDK:
    • Environment name field doesn’t accept on enter or focus change (RH-41790)
    • custom reflection environment magically turns itself on on open. (RH-41965)
  • Rendering:
    • Canceling ViewCaptureToClipboard (Raytraced) makes Rhino crash (RH-41966)
    • Dimensions are not shown correctly for this model (RH-41870)
    • Force aspect ratio is not implemented for Snapshot/Named View (RH-41608)
    • Material groundplane opens up wrong in v6 (RH-41718)
    • Rendered mode background-color environment not gamma corrected (RH-41959)
    • RhinoRender does not support RenderBlowUp command (RH-33306)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Missing texture dialog shows up after cancelling open command (RH-41963)
    • Texture loses its name (RH-41727)
    • Transparency within a material is not preserved (RH-41656)
    • missing texture texture created with full transparency (RH-41900)
  • Rendering: Realtime SDK:
    • Change queue: Ignored objects draw wires (RH-41871)
    • ChangeQueue gives default scene lighting with shadow intensity 0 (RH-41879)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping:
    • Advanced texture preview looks bad unless UVeditor is open (RH-41688)
    • UV mapping is wrong in Rendered mode due to Advanced texture preview (RH-41452)
  • Rhino Installer Engine:
  • SDK: Add a baseball sphere to SDK (RH-41745)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • FileLoadException: Assembly has already loaded from a different location. It cannot be loaded from a new location within the same appdomain. (RH-35794)
    • Need function to calculate curvature analysis mesh (RH-41488)
    • Override ToString() in RhinoObject (RH-41704)
    • Rhino3dmIO does not contain access to NamedConstructionPlanes. (RH-41623)
    • SubD ObjectType Enumeration tune up (RH-41639)
  • SelVolumeBox: Command does not autocomplete (RH-41997)
  • Snapshot: Help button does not work (RH-41803)
  • Subobject Selection: Does not work on SubD subobjects (RH-41974)
  • Textures: No longer embed in 3dm (RH-41943)
  • Toolbar: ShowDir button (RH-41547)
  • UI Cleanup: Dark theme colors for Osnaps and Selection Filters (RH-41601)
  • UVEditor: Doesn’t work in Raytraced (RH-40979)
  • ViewCaptureToFile:
    • Rendered mode capture as PNG with transparent background isn’t working well (RH-41481)
    • ViewCapture* with Transparent Background checked will create a semi-transparent ground plane. (RH-41517)


  • Annotation: Scale arrowhead size along with print width (RH-41473)

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