New in Rhino WIP 2017-Aug-29

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New in this release:


  • Grasshopper: Component support for task based solving (RH-40882)


  • DocumentProperties: Renaming linetype crashes WIP (RH-40917)
  • ReduceMesh: Crash (RH-40085)


  • Layout: LayoutProperties command’s dialog should be titled “Layout Properties” rather than “Modify Layout” (RH-38339)


  • Annotation:
    • Avoid writing rtf strings to dimension user text in SaveAs V5 (RH-40833)
    • Remove “More Properties” top expander from Dimension properties (RH-40559)
    • Selecting two dimensions at once causes some Dim properties to go to zero (RH-40749)
    • Set distance scale for paper space dimensions referencing model space distances when saving to v5 (RH-40835)
  • Annotation: Leader: When reading V5 file with leader text not horizontal (RH-40771)
  • Annotation: Styles:
    • Annotation Styles need to match template baseline values (RH-40604)
    • Text Gap eclipsing the dimension line (RH-41032)
  • Annotation: Text: Remove annotation text case changing buttons (RH-40957)
  • Block:
    • Detail layer visibility of linked reference layers are not being saved in parent 3DM (RH-37183)
    • Link block subLayer visibility not saved in model (RH-39457)
    • Modifying a nested block reference incorrectly changes inserts to top level blocks (RH-40919)
  • BlockEdit: Copy paste fails (RH-40576)
  • ClippingPlane: Keep the current setting (RH-40570)
  • CopyLinkedBlockDefinition: Block with objects set to “by parent” Problem (RH-39573)
  • Cycles:
    • Raytraced mode artifact (RH-40948)
    • Sampling distribution shows banding (RH-40537)
    • Transparency texture is not fully opaque (RH-40966)
    • z-fighting groundplane with large models (RH-41019)
  • DPI Aware: Some text in Button Editor is clipped (RH-40580)
  • Display:
    • Doesn’t work correctly when shadows are involved (RH-40789)
    • Edge reduction incorrectly overrides selection candidate (RH-38791)
    • Locked layers using locked object color - should be layer color (RH-40850)
    • Mesh disappears when blocked (RH-40675)
    • Monitor power save mode makes existing curves disappear in viewports (RH-40911)
    • Objects on locked layers in a instance definition do not draw (RH-41028)
    • Play, Pause and Lock button not rendering in correct place when inside a detail (RH-40932)
    • Points show through clipping plane (RH-40728)
    • Render Preview does not correctly display assigned material (RH-40445)
    • Render display mode not showing materials correctly (RH-39624)
    • Rendered mode produces display artifacts with transformations (RH-40788)
    • Sub-objects with transparency maps don’t show objects behind them consistently in Rendered mode (RH-40873)
    • SubD doesn’t show selection highlights for sub-objects (RH-40862)
  • Distribute: Add Z axis option in distribute command; bugs in keyboard entry (RH-39798)
  • Documentation: Document how to switch to NuGet packages in RhinoCommon / Grasshopper projects (RH-39033)
  • Drag:
    • Control point editing a polycurve should keep the curve as polycurve (RH-40954)
    • Edit point editing should keep polycurves as polycurves (RH-40977)
  • EditPtOn: Edit points cannot stay on (RH-40953)
  • Export: Text wrap width narrows when opened in AutoCAD 2017/2018 (RH-40622)
  • File IO: Curve skipped in DXF import in V4/5/6, but OK in Acad 2012 and Rhino V3 (RH-40935)
  • Grasshopper:
    • Cloud Display Component in GH for R6 broken? (RH-40722)
    • Flickering Wait Cursor with Curve Offset Component (RH-40881)
    • Grasshopper continuously throws ArgumentNullException after just opening Grasshopper (RH-40811)
  • Icons: Ngon commands need icons and inclusion in the Mesh Tools toolbar (RH-40674)
  • Insert:
    • Dialog incorrectly prompts for block filename on command line (RH-40616)
    • Problems Inserting DWG Linked with Nested Xrefs (RH-37162)
  • Make2D: Result displaced (RH-40048)
  • MatchSrf:
    • Add zebra preview (RH-3527)
    • Remove command line options when selection is done (RH-40688)
  • No Subsystem:
    • Changing the size of a viewport containing a layout doesn’t trigger update (RH-40913)
    • The OpenGL option “Regen buffer on hardware swap” is not being used as expected. (RH-40627)
    • abs in Opennurbs and TL code. (RH-40915)
  • OSnap:Mid: Snap to edges as to the duped edges (RH-40388)
  • Offset: Nested Length command doesn’t clear dynamic drawing (RH-40857)
  • OpenNURBS: :WriteBool() (RH-40941)
  • Options: Wrong default for color list path (RH-40952)
  • Panels: Menu wanders off the current monitor (RH-37480)
  • PluginManager: Filter remembers last value, but doesn’t filter. Then crashes. (RH-40861)
  • PluginWizards: Update VS for Mac plugin to select correct DerivedData folder if more than one exist (RH-40922)
  • Project: Record history very slow update (RH-40721)
  • RDK:
    • Light Properties tab unresponsive during first time (RH-38105)
    • Minimize the ui and the texture mapping section is shown through other sections. (RH-40898)
  • ReduceMesh:
  • Rendering: :Read() read bug - serious issue (RH-40908)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Bump texture in Rendered mode isn’t correct (RH-40773)
    • Gold colors need a little tweak IMO (RH-41031)
    • Textures are not embedded in rmtl files when saved (RH-40834)
    • Undo prevents material page from displaying correctly (RH-40785)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping: Properties numbers incorrect (RH-40585)
  • SDK:
    • CRhinoLayerTable::FindLayerFromFullPathName does not work on multiple-nested layers (RH-40498)
    • MeshingParameterTextureRange new enumeration (RH-40920)
    • RhinoDoc.ExtractPreviewImage does not work on the Mac (RH-40901)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: API Documentation for RhinoDoc.BeginOpenDocument Event should note that it will get fired by a paste operation (RH-37575)
  • SelWindow: Window Selection Bug (RH-15147)
  • SimplifyCrv:
  • SubD: SubObject selection highlight on SubD objects not working (RH-40851)
  • Update System: License and update traffic jam (RH-40362)

Usability Problem:

  • Toolbar: Extend to Boundary Macro (RH-40033)


  • Help: Document Autosave action (RH-40947)
  • Panels: Panel flickering when rotating viewport (RH-40897)
  • Rendering: Materials: While dragging and dropping switch materials in the material editor (RH-37672)

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