New feature request - tutorial pane

Video tutorials are hard to follow because it is not clear what Rhino command is running at the moment. Current command appears in the Command prompt and Command history for a small fraction of a second, and it is gone. This problem could be mitigated by displaying auto-updated help panel. Unfortunately, the instructors don’t want to display the help panel.

There may be better solution to this problem. The solution is illustrated in the following screenshot. The instructors turn on new pane, which I call tutorial pane. The tutorial pane does not exist yet - it is new feature to be made. This pane displays last command and current command with very big letters.

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If you intend to record your own tutorials you can dock the Help panel with Auto-update checked. It’ll show the help-page of the command currently being run.

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Plugin: TutorialPanelPlugin.rhp (41 KB)
Source Code: (5.5 MB)

Looks great! I wonder how can we persuade the instructors to use this plugin. :confused: :roll_eyes:

I do not.

This is what I wrote.

The plugin works fine in Rhino 6 and 7 after I reduced its panel height and docked it on top of other panels.

Take a look at this silent timelapse of SubD motorcycle:

It is hard to figure out what commands Kyle Houchens is using, even if you slow down the video. I have sent email about the tutorial panel plugin to Kyle Houchens, but he ignored my email.

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Hey Andrew- never saw an e-mail from you. I never ignore stuff from users!

I’ll do some experimenting with this and see what I can do to accommodate.

oof… just tried this… it’s waaaay too slow to use for a long build. Sorry but I won’t be able to use this.

what I can do is to open my command line up a bit so you can see the command history for longer.

You will lose lots of screen real estate unless the command prompt window is narrow in the horizontal direction. (There is a bug which ignores last command-line options in the narrow window. This bug appears in long commands only.)

I believe that the best option is activating the auto-updated, context-sensitive help panel. The panel is shown below, in the upper-right corner.