:: A simple WISH ::

Hi all guys who are working in silent for making Rhino better and better!
I would love if you can add AutoHide to the docked windows and panels in Rhino viewport.
I guess it’ll make it cleaner and more organised when you have many panels and windows opened. Plus you’ll have a bigger size of the screen to work with.

Have you tried F11?

Yes, I did.

Try _Fullscreen

I’m new to this app… what does that mean?

Hi Nathan,
I am aware of the Fullscreen command.

But what I meant is autohide the panels and windows, just as the taskbar in windows pc. You have the option to autohide which means when you move your mouse over the taskbar it shows and when not it hides automatically.

The same thing if could applied to the Rhino Panels and Windows (Layers,Properties, …) That on the right side of the Rhino window.

I hope you get what I mean.



The shortcuts _Pointson turn on the points in curves, surfaces, solids… so that it can be visible in your viewport when you want to edit them.

While _Pointsoff turn off these points when you are done.

You can also check the _Help menu or command lists for more description.


@Elshar would this autohide work in a normal, non-maximized window as well?

Hi Nathan,
I believe it would work perfectly. As it would be just added as an option to the panels title bar settings for the useres. As in the picture just the red selected area will be visible (need to add a panel title bar on the left) when _AutoHide is enabled. And when you move your mouse across it, it will show you what the panel has. Just as when you double click on Grasshopper window title bar, but instead of that make it responding to the mouse movement to autohide.