V6 Command bar is gone. Where to find?

I don’t know what I have done, but the command bar is gone.
How can I get it back?

Might be an obvious one… have you tried ‘‘Tools, Options, Command prompt’’ ?

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for jumping in. For you it might be obvious, but still I can’t find it.
I must overlook it, but in the Rhino options I can’t find it. Can you make a screenshot please?

In 17 years I haven’t had this :slight_smile:

Rhino Options > Appearance > Show the following items > Command prompt
Is that one checked?

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Thanks Wim!

I overlooked it completely.

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Normally you can also type “commandprompt” - hit Enter - type “show” - hit Enter - type “yes” hit Enter…

Even if you can’t see typing at the command prompt, Rhino accepts it.

But getting at this item from Options is probably easier.


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