v510: Show Command Help?

v510 Release notes indicate: “The right sidebar now has a pane that displays context sensitive help. You can also display context sensitive help in a floating window by selecting Window > Show Command Help in the application menu.”

I was delighted to see this (especially for the benefit of new users) and I see the “?” in the right sidebar, but don’t see any content regardless of commands issued. Same if I select Menu > Window > Show Command Help.

Is this another OSX 10.7.5. problem (which I’m running) or am I missing something? Does this work as expected (like in Windows Rhino) for others in later OSX systems?


Interesting… It’s now working! Not sure if this took some time to initially load, or what the issue was. After about .5 hours of use, I noticed that it was working. Not sure exactly when it started.

This is truly wonderful. Many, many thanks RMA!!! I imagine this will be a huge benefit for new users.