Network Surface l Tangent curves creating seams

Hello all, I have included a screen shot of a model created in Rhino. I cannot share much more than I have for sake of confidential work, but with what’s shown you can see that there is a sort of “seam” running along the model. I created this form by drawing a series of curves and using network surface, then mirroring that surface to complete the form. Where the mirrored forms meet is where you see the seam.

I am not sure why this is happening since all of my curves were drawn with tangency in mind. Does anyone have any thoughts behind why this would happen?

Thanks so much!

Would be easier to help, if you could share Shaded or Wireframe view. Maybe try using Zebra analysis.

Hello - if, when you are selecting inputs for NetworkSrf you pick a curve rather than a surface edge, you cannot get tangency along that edge of the new surface. It may help to create a short extrusion from the centerline curve and use the edge of that object to force tangency. You can also use SetSurfaceTangent after the fact if all the tangents are parallel along that edge, as is very possible on a centerline.


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Matchsrf with the “average” option checked may fix this.

This did help to create tangency when mirroring one half. Thanks so much!