Tangency question

I’m having problems blending these two surfaces with a smooth result. I don’t normally have to model 3d surfaces like this. I’m using network from curves. here are the snapshots. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

It will be easier to judge the geometry by either providing a file or showing the curvature graph of the surface.

My guess is the tangency at edge D and A are too different. Also the pointy corners of the two long surfaces can cause trouble. The NetworkSrf command can’t solve this, which is apparent in the corner between A and D.

Now there are several ways too handle this. Surface layout is one.

You could also adjust the two surfaces you are trying to match up. Try and keep the surfaces simple. Single span preferably. No blending on trimmed edges. Equal CV layout.

Another way is too use sweep two rails and then apply match surface command on the edges.

To avoid complications with your surfaces I would suggest to avoid using NetworkSrf because it often creates too many CV’s and spans in your surface. It’s also tends to fail on edge fillets. Instead use rail sweeps or lofts while staying aware of the amount of CV’s and Curve-degree of the curves you build from. Use the shrink trimmed surface to keep the edges of the surfaces clean.

To simplify your geometry you can, Rebuild, ChangeDegree, simple sweeps, RemoveKnot, ConvertToBeziers, Smooth even manually shift CV’s, unortunately MoveUVN is not yet implemented on Rhino OSX.


Thanks for the tips! I’m trying to figure out how to implement this and keeping the shape exact. I need to experiment with what you’ve told me and see if I can make it work. Thanks again!