Creating surface tangency

I’ve created the surface in the attached file using a curve network from the curves in the file. When I mirror the new surface I have a sharp seam down the middle. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to create a tangent surfaces here?

Thanks very much,
DennisBestie-NEW-Curves-20MAY.3dm (313.4 KB)

Hi Dennis- I would approach this slightly differently, I think- see if the attached file is anything like what you are looking for.
Bestie-NEW-Curves-20MAY_PG.3dm (116.3 KB)


Thanks Pascal, that’s it exactly. I’m not exactly sure what you did with the
red and blue vertical curves. Did you just make an educated guess as to how
they curve top to bottom?

Hi Dennis- I split up all the curves (which do not meet - they should) so that I had a quadrant of each curve and then moved the points to intersect at what are now the ends - making sure that tangency is respected on the pairs if cut up curves that need tangency. Then, I joined them back so that there are four curves with ends at the north and south poles, to force the singularity to go there, and one curve around the equator.


Thanks again Pascal. This has been very helpful.