Tangent to Surface Edge

When I try to create a surface from a network of curves using a surface edge (to create a surface tangent to the adjacent surface) the program will only allow me to select sections of the surface edge.

If I select all the curves and surface edges the command does not do anything.

I was just wondering if anyone might know the cause of these issues and some possible solutions please.

You should use Sweep2R

You can make a surface from edge curves and then mirror across the center, then use matchsrf to make everything tangent

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upload the file. maybe there is an issue we can’t see in the images.
also to use networksrf you need single surfaces on each side and in your model. on the right side, you have 3 surfaces.

Likely possibility is the larger “surface” is actually a polysurface.NetworkSrf considers the edge of each individual surface as a separate entity.

You can Explode the polysurface, and then MergeSrf to create a single surface (assuming the individual surfaces share an untrimmed edge, etc). Read the Help for MergeSrf for assistance in selecting the appropriate options for your geomety. Then use the edge of the merged surface as input to NetworkSrf.

Or you can use Sweep2 with ChainEdges option as skysurfer suggested.

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Thank you for everyone’s feedback, I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.

Using these insights I went back and recreated each surface using Surface From 4 Edge Curves. This allowed me to select the entire edge when selecting reference points using Sweep 2 Rails. When mirrored the tangent edges allowed for a seamless surface finish, maybe not so much with the end cap using Surface from Planar Curves in the bottom left corner.

Surface From 4 Edge Curves

Sweep 2 Rails

Zebra Surface Analysis

Hello - make sure your zebra analysis mesh is very fine - click Adjust Mesh > Detailed controls > put maybe 5000 in the ‘Minimum initial grid quads’.