NetworkSurface: Tangency between two surfaces Rhino python (7.2 KB)

Dear all,

Pleas find attached the python file of my parametric hull model. I wrote in this forum because I am facing some issue in order to maintain the surfaces tangency.

In particular at line 164 of the code I tried to create a network surface using as input the edges of the two adjacent surfaces. I impose the tangency but when I create a section of the new surface, the code create the new surface “in position” (see the attched screenshot).

I also tried to create the surface using Sweep2rail, but with the python script it is not possible set the tangency of the surface.

Anyone knows how to come over this issue?

Many thanks in advance.



Hi @Gabriele_Bigini,

you’re not using brep edges, but curves in your code. The method rs.AddNetworkSrf unfortunately only works with curves and lets you specify the (same) continuity for all of them. I think without using edges, you can only specify 0 or 1 as continuity as there is simply no information to query tangency if no surface (edge) is passed to the method. You’ll get the same behaviour if you run the _NetworkSrf command in Rhino using only curves as input.

Looking at your construction I guess what you need is this RhinoCommon method which allows to define individual continuity values for each curve or edge. You can only maintain tangent continuity on a side if you pass a brep edge instead of a curve.