Nesting groups with OpenNest

I’m creating some CNC cut files for 1/2" MDF panels with pocket cuts on the bottoms of each. I have a curve for the outside edge of each panel and then curves for each pocket cut which extend outside the panel curve. I’m trying to use OpenNest to speed up my nesting since there are 410 pieces. Is there a way to easily nest groups of objects like this using open nest? I tried following an online tutorial for using GUIDs however things are still getting split up incorrectly if the curves are overlapping.

Here is a sample of what I’m trying to nest:

Many thanks!

Use the Region Union component with your curves to create input for the OpenNest component. Then use the Transform output of the OpenNest component to place your original geometry. (19.6 KB)

Additional code just creates input geometry and rotates geometry in odd numbered branches 90°.


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Hey Kevin, thanks so much for the reply! I tried your script but still couldn’t figure it out. It seems like when I plugged everything and assigned the curves that they were being outputted on top of my existing geometry. I don’t know why that could be, but got frustrated and ended up placing everything by hand. In any case, I’d love to understand how to get your script working.

Is there any way to place everything while maintaining the layers? Unfortunately if the layers change it makes it will mean I’d have to go back and change them to make it easier for our CNC operator to change create a tool path.

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 11.49.00 AM

Can you upload a sample file with internalised geometry that shows this behavior?

If you’re asking about baking the nested results to specific layers in the Rhino document, then yes this should be possible. You would need to use a script or plug-in (eleFront for example) to do this in V7 (might be possible with native components in V8 - I’m not sure).