Trouble nesting polysurfaces with Open Nest

I’m having some trouble nesting 3d polysurfaces with Open Nest. I was able to nest rectilinear 3d shapes easily, but when I started messing around with curved shapes I ran into some trouble. My solution was to try to nest the bounding box/hull of the shapes and then use the transform widget to move my original geometry into position. The bounding boxes appear to nest as planned but the transform widget scatters my original geometry all over the place. Attached are some screenshots. Any advice would be helpful, as I am not exactly an expert with GH.

Post a grasshopper file if you need help.


Here are the Grasshopper and Rhino files: (11.6 KB)
opennest_help_rhino8.3dm (2.2 MB)

The Hull component is orienting its output at the world origin. Pass your original geometry through an Orient component before passing to the Transform component to get the result you’re looking for. (10.5 KB)


That makes sense! Thank you for your help!