Need to not snap to meshes

I use a mesh model as a reference in a file and need to have mid snap on, but it snaps to every mesh edge on the reference, and that makes it impossible to work, so can you please add object filters to the onsap menu?

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How about Lock the mesh and in Options > Modeling Aids, uncheck the option for Snap to Locked objects?

That’s the workaround I use now, but that is too hidden for the normal Rhino user. My experience is that 90% of users don’t mess around in settings. (unless someone has thought them to do it)

I guess I don’t see it as a work-around.
Perhaps the “bug” is the tool isn’t discoverable enough…

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I see your point, but this is a new feature and users often need to work on a lage mesh (2 million points) then we have to turn it off, as Rhino goes into a stall. Having to go search for that setting to turn it on and off, and having to lock the object on and off is not very efficient. In Rhino 5 it works ok since we can just turn off vertices.

BTW I would like to have a “snap to locked objects” as a toggle too.
And “snap to visible points and edges” too… (This one would probably require a lot of work, so just put further down it on the wishlist)

I 100% agree that there should be filter in Snap to include meshes or not, as great as the new mesh snapping feature is. In many situations it would not be desirable to snap to mesh if we use it as a reference. That was actually a part of my original request for mesh snapping addition. If that could work, why not add filter to other object types for Snap ? ; )

Jorgen - how about SnapToLocked command? That would toggle for you.
The other “snap to visible points and edges” toggle would be great as a command too, +1.


Hi Jarek,

I don’t think we should settle for another workaround, at least not now when V6 is in development. Scattering settings around, having some in menus, others in panels and then some as written commands are bad UI and UX, so I I think it should be centralized, and snapping is something we do as we model, so it needs to be at hand, easily accessible while working. Not interuptive or forcing the user to remember where that setting was or what it was called.

All the technology is already there, it just needs to be put where it’s logical, easy to remember and easily accessible.

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Hi Jorgen, I agree, the SnapToLocked belongs with other snap switches. Right now things are all over the place with snaps and that’s something that I think must be used by everyone, constantly, so hope it will get some attention for V6.



What about the selection filter toggles- are they in rhino 6 beta?
In v5 if I toggle the mesh off in the filter I think I get the functionality you ask for (and it is next to osnap in the v5 UI)

hi fin,

with the mesh filter off the snap to meshes still works, both in V5 and V6. We want to turn off snapping to objects by geometry type, Meshes being the most critical ones.


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In version 5:
Osnap -Vertex Off And
Selection Filter - Mesh Off
disables all the mesh snaps. At least on my computer. Maybe I didnt understand what was originally asked…

fin - in V5 you can only snap to mesh vertices so turning off Vertex snap does the job (Mesh selection filer has nothing to do with it). In V6 WIP other snaps have been enabled to work with meshes (near, mid and intersection - I think we are still missing Perp., right @mikko ? ). The thing is, there is no way currently to snap to near in curves and surfaces and not meshes for example, so it makes it quite difficult to work with a dense reference mesh models. This new great addition of snapping to mesh elements created one issue that I hope can be taken care of along with the addition (filtering out object types in Snap). Hope that clarifies it.


Oh that’s great. I misunderstood - the toggle for object types will be very useful!

Seems like most users will never need to Near, Mid, Int or Perp osnap to meshes, so I disabled the feature by default, and added SnapToMeshes command for enabling it when necessary. The changes should be in a near future WIP.


Hi Mikko - that sounds good and should work (not sure about the statement that most users will never need snapping to meshes! We want to snap to them all the time now that we finally can :wink:

I guess it should be also added as another checkbox in the Modeling Aids options page.
Which - by the way - I just discovered in V6WIP allows turning off snaps to filtered objects! It is great and kind of what we were requesting above. So unchecking the mesh in Filters also disables the snap. I did not notice this addition before - it gives great flexibility. Thanks for adding it before.

I don’t see a way to change ‘SnapToOccluded’, ‘SnapToFiltered’ or 'SnapToSelectedOnly" via any command or Macro access to options - we need a way to switch that back and forth as we go, without the need to go to options menu every time. Just like SnapToLocked and SnapToMeshes commands offer.



I also think the snap to filtered checkbox should be in the UI with/on/near the selection filter and not hidden in options.

95% of the users won’t see it or use it where I saw it in Jarek’s photo.