More Mesh friendly Rhino

Hi Roland,

Thanks, I think there is better chance if other users would add their input in regards to meshes, too.
Obviously there is much more to be wished for but I thought these are the easiest/most straight-forward to implement building upon what’s in Rhino already. The mesh modeling will become even more relevant once SubD gets more advanced and exposed to more users. @Holo started some of his own mesh tools to support SubD cages creation which I feel like should be a next step to have natively implemented in Rhino.

As for #4 - that is actually about adding the OnMesh and PersistenOnMesh to the Osnap toolbar - options that show up when you have CTRL pressed once mouse-overing the toolbar. Right now, not sure why, they are only accessible from the pulldown menu and command line. Should be easy fix and add to the consistency.

But - which is huge IMHO - the Osnaps in V6 work with mesh edges now : ) You can get near, mid, perp… I think recently it has been by default disabled (which I disagree with) but try _SnapToMeshes to enable it.
See more here:

thanks for your feedback -