Need to fade an object in and out. Easy in BO-1

I need to fade an object in and out. Its EASY to do in BO-1, but changes don’t stick to keyframe markers in BO-2.

Tried both ways -

  1. Edit the TRANSPARENCY setting in the Keyframe from 0 - 100 - 0. Changes do not stick to keyframes.
  2. Edit the TRANSPARENCY setting of the part in the MATERIALS EDITOR from 0 - 100 - 0. Changes don’t stick to keyframes.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thanks -


I’m not able to reproduce this problem.
What version of Bongo and Rhino are you using?
If you type in the command BongoAbout you’ll get the version number for Bongo and if you type in About you’ll get the version number for Rhino.
Any chance you’d be able to send us an example model that you can’t get this to work on?

here’s a screen-shot of the problem:

RHINO-5 with BONGO-2

How do I attach the ZIP file ?

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Just drag and drop.

Or use the upload button in the editor toolbar.

wim & luc -
Thanks !

Tried animating the highlights to zero by setting the GLOSS from 25% to ZERO at the TRANSPARENCY-100% keyframe position. The highlight went away, but there came a “halo” effect (?) that is unacceptable 2 frame positions before as shown here in frames 2 % 3. That all keyframes are coincidental, the “halo” should have happened at the same time but for some reason ( tweening “curves” ? ) : (10.9 MB)

I’ve attached the zip with the problem.

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I guess attaching the files didn’t get another look on your end. Ok, I’ve given up on that, as no good answer seems forthcoming. Thanks - C.

Sorry Charles,
I took a look at the time, but for family reasons I didn’t had any chance to respond (properly). I’ll get back to you in a few days.


The halo effect comes when gloss is at 1% and it’s a problem with the Rhino Renderer/rendererd display, there’s nothing Bongo can do about that.

To solve this:
Instead of animating the gloss, animate the gloss color:

If you animate the gloss color to be black when you want the material to be transparent, the gloss won’t show up.

About the gloss finish: Marika beat me to it.

About:[quote=“cfee, post:1, topic:42043”]

  1. Edit the TRANSPARENCY setting in the Keyframe from 0 - 100 - 0. Changes do not stick to keyframes.
  2. Edit the TRANSPARENCY setting of the part in the MATERIALS EDITOR from 0 - 100 - 0. Changes don’t stick to keyframes.

I guess Charles you mean the “Textures” settings in the Objects Properties Material section panel and/or in the Material Editor.

@Marika Alterations made in Animation Mode indeed do not create a keyframe.


Luc -
Thanks for trying. No, the instruction was to edit the GLOSS Finish settings,

which had no effect. A review of the originating e-mail will reveal that there was no attached material jpg for the part, only a basic color and gloss setting, so your response is NOT to the question asked.
Changing the part Gloss setting as instructed in another response e-mail had no effect. Either this is because the instruction was incorrect or the program was having difficulty calculating the change.
The PROPER way to do this is if a PART is visibility-controlled, then the part’s VISIBILITY should be controllable. I really shouldn’t have to go digging for innocuous internals to play with internal settings to get a desired effect. Still, since this IS required, no sweat, but it SHOULD work as intended.
Parts WITH an attached jpg material, like fabric or leather (both in this model) don’t seem to FADE at all, with keyframe control seemingly sacrificed to the VISIBILITY [yes/no] select box, instead, and no influence of the percentage values for gradual fades, even when manipulating Layer Visibility instead.
No sweat, I’ve moved on, and this is long behind me. I’m attempting OTHER “solutions” to meeting my client’s need, as basic material assignments don’t seem to be controllable any more in RHINO. I Was able to get SOME success porting this over to RH-4/BO-1 on my old -XT machine, but was still not able to achieve a successful - usable - result, as the solution I was seeking was promised in the RH-5/BO-2 “Upgrade” which I purchased in part- seeking this very solution.

BTW - on another, but related topicAn instruction on point-to-point move didn’t work either. It reduced the errant effect, but not enough to achieve the desired result. Marika may recall working with me on this one in the long-past, and we achieved the necessary success, but THAT was in RH-4/BO-1. She was able to provide a setting that set all accelerations to ZERO (but MOTION Accelerations were the ONLY factor with a global variable setting - helpful but still left other animated controls to be edited one at a time - tedious but doable), which resulted in the ability to time the motions of unconnected objects to start and end as intended, but in the mean time, this setting seems to have been forgotten on your end, as repeated requests for the name of that setting to RH-support, both here and on the forum have gone unmet. This is not really so mysterious as support for RH-4/BO-1 has long ended. I was just hoping someone … . I’ve since moved on, and that client’s need went unmet. No problem.
Access to the curve editor resulted in unselectable curve points, and info was sparse in the HELP section.
Using RH-4/BO-1, I did absolutely FANTASTIC animations for Chevron (and could render the FINAL result in HOURS instead of days [mine - 4-8 hrs, others a WEEK !] !!!) for more than 4 years (some used in MAJOR presentations), and was even retained by them after the end of that contract to do another MAJOR animation for them, based on their familiarity with my previous work.
As a result, I am considering moving to evaluate other animation solutions, as appearance, lighting, movement , internal settings and technical support seem to not be meeting the need.
You may notice that I only contact you once or twice a year, with a series of back and forths like these never actually achieving a solution. I’ll retain RHINO in my kit, and will even pay for the next upgrades, hoping that SOME attention might be paid to some of these issues, as its CLEAR by reviewing the questions on the forums that my experiences are not unique, but this DOES force me to consider additional alternatives.
I’ve tried to be fairly complete here, in an attempt to be helpful. I hope you’ll find this feedback to be valuable. RHINO has LONG (more than 10 years) been my primary BACKBONE tool.
Again, SINCERELY, (truly sincerely) thanks for trying, and
Truly, my BEST to the team,
CharlesS. Fee

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In Bongo 2 it’s this one:

Set it to linear and you always get a straight smooth movement.