Any work done on fading an object in and out?

Any work done on fading an object in and out ? I got ONE object to work as intended, but when I applied THE VERY SAME SETTINGS at THE VERY SAME KEYFRAMES to another nearby object, the 2nd object didn’t work as intended. The first one did, but the 2nd one never did. I TRIED removing keyframes so I could start over, but even tho I “REMOVEd KEYFRAMES”, the problems didn’t drop off so I could start over. No keyframes, but errant operations remained.

I TRIED animating the VISIBILITY of LAYERS but LAYERS still seem to POP-IN and POP-OUT, with NO FADE, unusable.

This from 2017:



Mar '17

I need to fade an object in and out. Its EASY to do in BO-1, but changes don’t stick to keyframe markers in BO-2.

Tried both ways -

  1. Edit the TRANSPARENCY setting in the Keyframe from 0 - 100 - 0. Changes do not stick to keyframes.
  2. Edit the TRANSPARENCY setting of the part in the MATERIALS EDITOR from 0 - 100 - 0. Changes don’t stick to keyframes.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thanks -



Has ANYONE done ANYTHING to package the ability to FADE-IN and FADE OUT as desired ? I can’t imagine I’m the ONLY RH/BO user who has this need, so ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated -

Thanks !

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Transparency does ‘stick to keyframes’.
Only… one has to press and hold the timeline-slider-arrows to get a decant preview.



Hi !

Yeah, I’m aware of this step and was REALLY EXCITED (!!) until I tried it.

There I discovered that highlights and other things like Gloss , Refelectiveness and IOR for transparency were left untouched. and left behind a “Halo” of reflections, shines and visual bends of objects behind the now 100% “transparent” object, that left the result unusable. You may remember, as you were a big help back when we first visited this subject.

I’m thinking YOU are probably the BEST person to have replied, so THANKS !
Its good to hear from you, I hope this finds you and yours doing well !

So, tho -
to my original question:
Has ANYONE done ANYTHING to package the ability to FADE-IN and FADE OUT as desired ?

Thanks again -

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We have been rendering two animation tracks: one with all the objects full opacity, one with the object you want to fade-out completely hidden. Then we blend the opacity of the two video tracks in Adobe AfterEffects. Of course this doubles your render time and adds extra post-processing work. You can also use Camtasia to do this (cheaper software) and probably even some free options out there.

It would be nice if Bongo have a way to animate object opacity/visibility, instead of just transparency.