Beginner problem with animation tutorial


I have started going through the Bongo tutorials and have a problem that I hope is simple.

For the Animate Rhino Materials one, this is the one ( where you change the color of the ball from orange to red to blue, Everything works when I manually move the slider (it moves from orange to red to blue) but when I click on the play button it keeps it just orange and the ball doesn’t change colors.

It is weird to me that it would work whine I move and stop the slider but not when I press play.
Is there some setting I need to turn on?

(Marika Almgren) #2


This is actually a bug. I’ll add it to the “to fix” -list.
It’s only the preview that is broken, so if your render the animation it will update as it should.


Hi Marika,
Thank you for the quick response.
I tried it in render mode and it still didn’t work so I will wait for the fix.

(Juha Kivekas) #4

September 2018 and I still get the same problem (the tutorial suggest to change transparency instead of colors).

(NNguyen) #6

Please fix! I did not pay $200 for this essential feature to be not working! Last attempt in April 2019!

(Marika Almgren) #7

This is unfortunately caused by a problem in the Rhino display. It will be fixed in a future version of Rhino.