Need some help on correct Cplane to use to view slanted inside walls of object

The attached sample file is a block that has a pyramid object cut out of it.

So the inside walls are slanted and not strait.

I have tried to use the Cplane view to have that inside side wall be laying flat so that I can easily place and align some text on the wall, but I can’t seem to get it laying flat in the view.

Question 1: How do I go about setting my Cplane so that the inside wall is laying flat

Question 2: I attempted to use the Project command to place the text, but since the walls are angled it distorted the text a bit ( it slanted the text so it almost looked like italics ) So I plan to just use the orient command to place the text onto the side wall. Is there a better approach?

Thank You…

KentSample Object.3dm (293.7 KB)

Have a look at the 3-point option in the CPlane command.
After setting the CPlane to line up how you want, then use the Plan command to set the display normal to that new CPlane.
You can also use the Named CPlane tool to save a CPlane and restore it later when you need to go back.

Try cplane to surface or cplane 3 points all in the cplane menu.
And if you set your cplanes to universal you will get top front right views for that orientation as well.
Then you can use your text command
Sample Object_1.3dm (343.8 KB)

Thank You very much John…

This was very helpful.

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Thanks for your help on this…

One follow up question… I wasn’t able to find the option to set the cplanes to universal.

Where do I find that setting or option?

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Hi kent - in Options > Modeling aids page:


Hi @kentdesautel,

Sorry if you know this and it’s redundant but thought I would toss it out there in case.

I have these on icons so I don’t need to open options
I call:
Uplane = universal cplanes
Cplane = regular one viewport cplanes.
I mostly use cplane 3 point in these macros because that works best for odd tilts and such like objects in your request.

Tooltip: Set Uplane mode

! _-Options _ModelingAids
_Enter _Enter

Tooltip: Set Cplane mode

! _-Options _ModelingAids
_Enter _Enter

Also one of my favorites is the Mobile cplane which attaches to an object. So when you move an object the cplane moves too, and you can use other cplanes easily and switch back and forth either by selecting your object with the cplane and running the refresh command or moving that object and undoing it, this way you don’t have to name cplanes and if you move or rotate the object the origin of the cplane moves too.
Try moving your object in the attached file notice the Mobile uplanes update.

Tooltip: Attach Mobile CPlane

! _Mplane pause attach pause pause pause enter enter
-_options modelingaids CPlanes=Standard enter enter

Tooltip: Mobile UPlane

! _Mplane pause attach pause pause pause enter enter
-_options modelingaids CPlanes=Universal enter enter

Sample Object_Mplane2.3dm (627.5 KB)

Thank You Very…Very much for this info 3dsynergy…

This will be very helpful.

To be honest I noticed that “Mobile uplanes” in the menu but I didn’t do anything with it because I assumed it had to do with a Mobile Phone Viewer App ( but now that I have given it a try I can see it will be very helpful )

I wasn’t able to open up your example drawing because I’m using version 6

Thanks again


Hi @kentdesautel

Sorry about that I attached a V6 version, it shows some text on your model within mobile uplanes.
Glad I could be of help it’s hard to remember or go through all the commands I forget and have to reinvestigate constantly. Beware that any modeling changes that physically change the object will obliterate the mobile cplane, I think, like split of trim etc.

Sample Object_Mplane_V6.3dm (562.3 KB)