Need Help with Texture not rendering correctly

I am using Rhino 6 and Brazil.

I used the UV Editor to place the label correctly on the surface, but it won’t render correctly. Can anyone help me out? The first image is wrong

Could we get the model? Either here, or direct to if you can’t share (I’ll keep it out of the public eye!)

Thanks for the file…

I’m getting the exact right result in Brazil - could you explain to me how you produced the first image? It doesn’t look like a Brazil rendering…

  • Andy

Actually…OK - I take it back. It does look like a Brazil rendering…but this is what I get:

  • Andy

Hmm, how did you get that rendering? Did you change anything or did you render it without changing any settings?

Never mind, I closed the file then re-opened it and got the same result you got. Thanks.