Brazil Rendering Issues

When I render in Brazil, I constantly get the ‘desktop’ appear in the Rhino interface covering up what the render is doing. I’ve mentioned this before.

If I have a GI Env active and then create another new env, I get my previews in the env interface turn white. Also the new env takes on the previews of the GI env, at times. Still very slow redraws in env rotation when using ‘Rendering’ or Neon preview modes.

Intermitently, when using Brazil, changes in UV direction hasn’t updated until I restart Rhino. Neon will update but Brazil stays the same until the restart.

Hi Paul,

Can you tell me the version of Brazil you are using when this happens? For instance, is this the beta build official service release? Please send a screen shot of the about Brazil splash from the Brazil drop down menu if you can.

I think this might be related to graphics drivers. Try updating those to see if it helps with the thumbnail redraw please. I’m not able to reproduce this here using Brazil v2.0.3.7

Do you have a sample file with instructions of what UV adjustment to make to see this? I know you said it’s intermittent so probably not but I’d like to be able to reproduce it here for development to look at. My guess is that there may be some file setting, geometry or material specific issue causing it.

The first one we know about - it requires a fix in Rhino. I’ll bump it in the office.

The other two we’ll have to look into - thanks.

I’ve just fixed the GI environment problem. I will be in the next build. I haven’t been able to repeat the UV issue.

The “desktop appears” bug is now finally squashed. It’s a Rhino issue and it will be in SR6.

Good deal!:slight_smile:

The UV thing is very illusive. The next time I have it occur I’ll send the project.