Problem with Brazil Render

So I have been messing around with Brazil and I haven’t been able to render anything due to some problems that I am hoping someone can help me with. I am using Rhino 5 with Visualarq and Brazil. I applied an advanced material to the walls, roof, slabs, etc. and then I used the projection texture changer to apply the WCS (box style) mapping in the material, but when I go to render the texture does not show up at all. In the viewport it looks perfectly correct. Can someone suggest some solutions? Preferably not exploding the visualarq objects since it gets rid of the windows and doors and defeats the purpose of visualarq’s simplified 3D modeling (which I think is excellent).

House Model 1.3dm (10.2 MB)

I will check that right now .

You need to use new Material like this .

and use it in Varq like this …

this just fast and test render .

No problem with Brazil Render (love)

My regards.

Oh, Thanks a bunch @foreigner. I finally got it!

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are you an expert of brazil?
can you tell us your classic configuration for interior renders?
for example, photons yes or not?
your research radius parameters for a room 4x6M x 2.70 H

You are welcome @hernan_aparicio .
So when you are model an architecture design just focus on :
1- complete plan .
2- good landscape .
3- good views shots .
4- select a true materials for your model .

For render focus on :
1- Camera .
2- Lights.
3- Materials .

Finally you will get a nice, perfect and complete project .