Need Help for texture application

Hi all,

I have bent a model using the “flow along surface command”

I didn’t succeed having the texture the way I want.

I use the UV type but the checkers don’t follow the egdes of the square. How should I proceed?
Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi @cyrmez
There might be an easier way, so hopefully someone with more mapping experience than I will chime in, but here’s how I’ve done it a few times: Make a meshed version of your geometry (with the UV mapping already set up) and flow that, since the UV of meshed geometry will transform cleanly. Now flow your NURBS geometry and use the flowed mesh as a custom mapping object (that’s the rubber ducky icon in the mapping tab) and all should be good.
HTH, Jakob

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Hello Jakob,

Thank you very much for your answer!
Your suggestion works fine and it solve my problem.
However, like you, I’m wondering if McNeel guys have an easier solution to apply a so basic texture on a so basic model…

Have a good day and thanks again,