Subject: Issue with "Flow Along Surface" - Stretching Problem and Texture

Hello Rhino community,

stretched pattern.3dm (16.0 MB)

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently working on a project involving a belly mug, and I’ve encountered a problem with the “Flow Along Surface” command that I could use some guidance on.

Issue: When I apply “Flow Along Surface” to my design, it seems to stretch both the bottom round of my belly mug and the surface, resulting in an undesired effect. Additionally, I’ve noticed discrepancies in the texture between the top, middle, and pattern of the mug.


  • I’m using Rhino 7 on Windows 10.
  • I’ve created a surface that represents the desired target shape for the mug.
  • The source object, which I want to flow along the surface, is designed correctly
    I want the desire results to look something like this three mug images

Hi Ahmed - the flow pays attention to the UV distribution on the base and target surfaces. These accelerate and decelerate on your target surface - this is perfectly OK, it is a fine surface, but it will mess up flowing. To get a more evenly distributed flow result, Rebuild the target surface with a lot of points, e.g. 32 by 32 , degree 3 should work OK.


Please also buy a legitimate copy of Rhino.

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Thank you very much