Need help for displacement (not working on sub-surface)

I am struggling to add a displacement on a sub-surface. Indeed, I tried a lot of different ways-hint, but still did not achieve, and mostly does not always understand the result. I have added to the picture I want to use for displacement some ‘white’ border to make the join of the surface easier.
When I apply the displacement to a single surface it works:

while when I apply to the same surface but which is this time already joined with some other surfaces (and hence use shift+ctrl+click to select the subsurface), it gives totally different result:

I dont understand why, as I added the ‘white border’ which should (to me) be easier for the joined surfaces to have displacement only on a sub-surface.

here is the model, without the displacement on, for memory reason :).

Any help would be very appreciated, I am really stuck.
Thank you very much!
model6.3dm (298.4 KB)

Hello - see if the attached is any good - I added planar mapping (ApplyPlanarMapping) to both objects (top level objects) and adjusted the one on the polysurface to match the size of the one curved face. Use MappingWidget to see the mapping I added. Cylindrical mapping might make more sense…



model6_PG.3dm (324.7 KB)


Hello @pascal! You saved my week!! Thank you so much! this will be very usefull, it was exactly what I needed :).

Good evening @pascal.

May I ask you a last thing concerning the displacement? When I try to flow along curve the polysurface with the displacement, it again change everything:
model9-.3dm (760.2 KB)

Is there any possible way to ask the displacement not to deform? Or should I add the siplacement after the flow along the curve by using a MappingWidget (I still did not achieve to do this, but I am still trying)?

Thank you very much for your big help!

Helllo - I would do this - in this case add a cylindrical map, I would say, to the flowed object, the make it (the mapping cylinder) as long a cylinder as the central face. Then apply displacement to the center face. I have not tested but that is what I would try.


Hello @pascal, thank you again for replying. Are you sure I can add a mappingWidget along a curved surface? I really dont see how… to me none of the parameter deform the cylinder as I would like. Sorry I am new to all this…


Hello - you need to orient the cylinder with the cylindrical shape of the bracelet, then compress the height to match the center face.


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Good evening @pascal!
Thank you so much! I was trying to make another cylinder. This one worked perfectly!

Wishing you a nice evening,