Join surfaces with and without displacement, keeping the displacement on the desired area

I explode my polysurface and add displacement to some of the surfaces, but then when I try to join all of them again, either all the displacement leave either all the surfaces received the same displacement. (When I do ExtractRenderedMesh on each of the surface with displacement, it indeed creates an adequate mesh, but if I create meshes for each of the surfaces, it becomes really complicated to add them together to create a single closed mesh.)

Would you have an idea how I could join again surfaces in order to keep the displacement in the specific surface only?

Hello - you can Join first, then apply displacement to a face in a polysurface by sub-object (Ctrl-Shift click) selection on that face, then apply the displacement via the Properties dialog.


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Hello @pascal! It works!! Thank you so much!

Hi @cam , how did you apply your displacement? Running the mesh command?

@pascal I find cases where a single displayed ruface on a polysurface will just ignore the displacement when I run the mesh. It seems to be fine in simple cases. Often ExtractRenderMesh has helped as a workaround for me.