Help applying displacement

Hello, I need help applying displacement on polysurfaces, in the design of soles I need to apply textures that I will then use in 3D printing.

What would be the correct way to apply the textures without having such problems? I want the textures to follow only one direction and have a uniform finish. Thanks

you have to make use uv mapping :

Thanks, this way it flows correctly but can I apply the textures to the model? I need the model in STL with the textures for the 3D printer but I can only view them in the rendered mode.

physically modeled displacement is totally different than mapping displacement.

I see that, so I can’t use this method. I need the displacement to flow evenly over the piece, is it possible to do that? What I usually do is change the angle and size of each part to which I apply displacement but that takes too much time and is never perfect.

Your best bet is to put together the entire desired workflow, post files, illustrations and clear objectives.

When making the designs I have to join several surfaces to which after applying them it is the same displacement, however when I do that Rhino continues to take each surface separately and applies the displacement differently, so the only thing I can do is exploit the polysurface and apply displacement to each surface but changing the configuration for each surface.

Trying to find the right angle and size to try to make it look fluid takes too much time and sometimes even the seams between the surfaces can be seen after exporting the file in STL.

I’m sorry if I’m not very clear, I try to do my best

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