NamedView panel won't close

I just updated to the newest version of Rhino 5 (see attached image). I’m working on a rendering for the automation department. I created a “NamedView” and successfully closed the window. But I’ve now created a second named view for rendering a different angle of the motor system that we’ve fabricated. But now the “NamedView” panel will not close. Clicking on the “x” won’t do anything, and clicking on the settings icon does nothing as well.

This is the first time I’ve encountered this issue. Any advice is appreciated.

I’m confused. Your image shows you are running Rhino V5 SR13, but I don’t see that you have a Named View panel open anywhere.
If you do, right-mouse click on the tab of any panel in that group to bring up the menu of panels. If Named Views is checked, uncheck it to close it.

Yeah, every time I went take a screenshot the panel goes behind everything else because it was a floating panel. once I closed Rhino and restarted my computer I was then able to close it. I’ve tried to recreate but it hasn’t happened again.