Panels can't be closed (at least some)

In the Named CPlanes panel the close box – the x icon at upper right of the panel – doesn’t work. Named Views and Selection Filter panels either. All panels? I dunno, that’s as many as I checked.

I was able to close the Selection Filter and Named CPlanes panels by using the toggles in their related toolbars (Select and CPlanes).

I haven’t found a toolbar that can toggle the Named Views panel, so it’s still there. Quitting Rhino and starting a new file doesn’t get rid of it. Any hints on how to close it would be appreciated.

Hi Bathsheba - there’s currently a bug where toolbar locking is on automatically every time V6/WIP starts - see if that’s it - right click in a blank area of a docked toolbar and see if locking is on in the context menu.


OK, after turning off Lock Docked Windows I was able to close the panel.

I didn’t try this before because the uncloseable panel wasn’t docked, so it didn’t occur to me that this setting might affect it.


I can see this getting pretty frustrating. With “Lock Docked Windows” enabled, the only way to close the panel is to right click on the tab or go to the pulldown menu. Should the little option gear icon be disabled too? I can understand the logic of disabling the X for closing (even though I don’t like it), but it seems to me the options icon should still be usable. This would provide another way to close the panel.

I think for panels that are permanently docked this is a non-issue. But I noticed that the PointsDeviation command is now a panel. For me, it’s not something I need open all of the time. I use it once and I want it closed. In a Windows environment we are used to picking the little red X to close a window. This will no longer work if the rest of the panels are locked (which I always have turned on).


I just checked this in the latest beta and there is still an issue here.

It seems to me that the “Lock Docked Windows” option is overstepping it’s authority here. In the illustration above, there is no way to close the Edge Analysis window if that option is on, but clearly the window is not docked.



Hi Dan - got that, thanks.