Named Views Not Accessible / Viewports Change Position

I just upgraded Rhino for Mac and it does not allow me to access my previous saved Named Views. How do I make these views active again?

I am used to going here: View > Set View > [my custom named views, but shows all in gray]

Also, the views on the top bar seem to auto-save after each move/change, instead of acting as locked views to which you can always return. Are the top bar views not permanent/saved views?

Any help is much appreciated, thank you!


Can you share a file with saved views that are not accessible? I’m unable to reproduce this here. The Orthographic views like Top and Front are not saved views but should display the scene as you left it last in that view.

Thanks Brian. Here is the file. I had saved views, named: 4, 5, CEQA,
4_moretop from the previous Rhino version. I cannot seem to access any of
them in the newest version.

Appreciate the help.



(not exactly sure this is what you’re talking about… but maybe? :wink: )

I see a problem. Double clicking does change to the named view, but it does not change the viewport title in the upper left corner of the view, nor does it change the title in viewport button in the row of buttons above all the viewports.

Changing the viewport title to match the selected named view will be fixed in the next WIP release.