Updating viewports

Hi guys, just logging problems I’ve had switching from Rhino 4 PC to Rhino 5 OSX. So these are wishlist items if they’re not already implemented, or deserving of thanks if there’s an easy solution I just missed because of unfamiliarity.

Item 7 - updating viewports. In Rhino 4 it was possible (though I remember the process being slightly counter-intuitive) to change an existing named viewport. It looks like in 5 the closest is to create a new one ("+"), delete the old one, and then change the name to match the old one. It’d be great to have an Views option such as “Update named view with current perspective”. The current setup isn’t terrible but for updating it’s still a bit circuitous.

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As far as I know, the current behavior is what is available in core Rhino. Perhaps @pascal can correct me?

I gave been searching for this ability as I use a Sketchup, BOA and other programs that easily allow you to update a selected view. Can views be synced with layers too?