Viewport "tabs" and Named Views Confusion

I’ve created several Named Views.

When I “Restore” one, the little box in the upper left corner of the viewport changes to show me the view name. Good.

However, the Viewport Tabs ( or buttons or whatever they are called) in the bar just above the viewports also change to the name of the view. While I can see this being convenient to change from one viewport to another and still retain the ability to show the Named View, it seems to eliminate an easy way to return to the standard viewport.

Could we perhaps right click on the tab/button to have a context menu that allows a return to the default view?

For that matter, another option in that context menu to return to the default orientation would be helpful too. I’m often having to reset my perspective viewport when it gets out of whack.

i don’t use the toolbar too often but i use the car icon for that… click and hold on the car then perspective.

(not saying your idea is bad… i agree there’s some consideration that should happen in this regard… just saying the way i do it is decently fast or not much slower than right clicking a tab up top etc… maybe try it out as a hold-me-over)

IMO, having the viewport tabs say something different from the viewport title would be plain wrong.

As for adding functionality to be able to return to the default orientation: in Windows at least, this is currently available through right-clicking on the viewport name (upper left corner). RMB > Set View > [Perspective]. I don’t think that should be copied to the tabs as one then also could argue to add all the display modes to this menu.

Personally, while the default perspective view from my personal template might get me back on track, it most likely won’t make a lot of sense for each and every project I work on. As soon as I have a general envelope of the objects, I create a v0 NamedView that I can restore simply by typing v0 and hitting enter.

Also, I understand that MacRhino doesn’t have layouts yet. For me, the viewport tabs bar only makes sense to manage layouts. If I were to use a file where I do not have layouts, I would not display that bar and increase my modelling screen estate.

I agree …

You can get this now from Right clicking anywhere, in any viewport.

All your custom - Named Views will still be in the Named Views panel, accessible from bottom of setView panel or the inspector Panels dialogbox.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a RMB of SetViews in Views toolbar. Also a way to customize which side the tabs go on, left or right. I would prefer them on the right.


Thanks Jeff,
I’ll have a look at that.

I agree. I wasn’t suggesting that they should. I was suggesting that, for those of us who use these handy buttons to switch views, that to go to another place to reset the default view seems a bit inconsistent.

No. This does not seem to work in the Mac version, hence my request. Whether it’s a right click on the buttons

(which I cannot find a way to hide, nor would I want to), or on the viewport name in the upper left corner matters not. Either would be fine.

Thanks. That’s what I’m using now, but as I mentioned above, the buttons have been placed above the window for convenience. I like and use them, but if I choose to look at a Named View by double clicking its name or clicking Restore and then want to return to the standard viewport, I want to do it just as easily; not have to scroll through the dropdown menu.
Call me lazy. : )

This has just started driving me nuts. I use a bunch of named views to position my perspective view consistently for rendering. It seems that each time i go to the named views panel to change my Perspective panel to one of my named views, it adds an instance of it to the “viewport tabs” in the interface.

Clicking on one of the named views on the bar switches my view to that named view full-screen, instead of just in the selected viewport. There’s no way to add, modify, re-order or remove views from this bar. In my opinion, it should either be fixed and never change, or we should have full editing capability.

I know “layouts” aren’t supported on the Mac yet, but this interface element is now confusing the hell out of me!

Hi Darren,

I am unable to repeat what you describe. If I create a bunch of named view, using the NamedView command, and restore them, I am not getting a new view “tabs”, as you show. How can I repeat (step by step) what you are seeing?

– Dale

I’m having a hard time reproducing it as well, but i’ve attached the file that has the suspect behaviour. Although it doesn’t seem to be doing any more, you can see the remnants of where the extra views showed up in the top bar.

dwNamedViewsIssue.3dm (5.2 MB)

Here’s what i can tell you about how i was working when they cropped up:

  • My top-right pane was in Render mode
  • I was bouncing between regular Perspective mode and Named Views
  • I was selecting Perspective mode by right-clicking in the pane and choosing it from the “Set View” menu
  • When using the Named Views palette, i would double-click on a view name, rather than selecting a named view and clicking “restore”

I also found another VERY curious issue while preparing this file. I deleted my models from the file, but decided to put a TextObject in there just so the file wasn’t empty.

I used “NamedViews” as the text. Strangely, it came out as “NamedViewsdV”. And it seems that any time i create a TextObject with a capital N and V, extra characters end up getting appended or superimposed.


These views are model viewports not layouts. They can be made with the NewViewport or NewFloatingViewport commands in Rhino for Windows.

NewViewport or NewFloatingViewport commands are not supported in the initial release of Rhino for Mac. However when a file is opened in Mac Rhino with more than the typically 4 viewports, they do appear along the top as additional model viewports with the assigned named view as the title, just as they do in Windows Rhino.

There is no real way to differentiate between them and other viewports in Mac Rhino or Rhino for Windows. However, Windows Rhino has the 4view command that blows the additional viewports away and sets up the basic 4 viewport… The NamedViews remain and can still be restored to any viewport.

I would recommend importing this model into a New model, created in Rhino for Mac with only the standard viewports.

Hopefully in the later version for MacRhino we will see full support for viewports. If you are doing something in Rhino for Mac to make these appear - we need to know how you are doing it.

Please make a QuickTime video and copy the contents of the F2 or History inspector so we can see what you are doing.

Thanks for your help with this issue.
Mary Fugier

Hi Darren,

Is it possible that you worked on this model with Rhino for Windows?

– Dale

Hey, Dale

Nope, 100% not possible. I don’t have a copy of Rhino for Windows. :slight_smile:

Hi, is there a way yet to restore the viewports? No idea how this happened, opened a file today and had extra viewport tabs. Don’t have any named views in the file.

Same as Darren haven’t worked on Rhino windows.

Very infrequently I’ve seen this occur too, and then disappear, though I have no idea how such gets triggered.

However, if not already on the list, I would like to request a feature where one can add more than 4 views across this bar, perhaps similar to browser tab style. Example:

  1. Click a plus to add a view ( in addition to the stock 4 views)

  2. RMB in the new view tab a choose from a list of previously saved views.

  3. A means to close the extra view(s) if desired.


…or just drag and drop from the named views sidebar

Hi Niels,
That is on the list to be added soon.

To get a default viewport configuration back in Rhino for the Mac, begin a new mode and IMPORT (or INSERT) the geometry into the new file. Save as a new version of your file. (I usually prefer not to save over the original.)

You can also use 4VIEW in Rhino for Windows. If you have access to Rhino for Windows. If you don’t, feel free to email me the file I will reset the viewport in Rhino for Windows and send it back.

Keep a note of what you do before it happens. Maybe we can come up with a pattern.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Mary Fugier

Hi Mary.
It would be great if you added this feature in addition to adding even the floating window so you can move to a second monitor.